Goa Day

Project Goa
Project Goa was first started in 2001.

The Objectives of Project Goa
The objectives of the project emerged as a form of protest against people trampling on the self-respect of our State, Goa. We needed to confront and challenge the tourism brochure view portrayed about Goa and Goans. We believe that very few Goans know and understand the breadth and depth of their culture. With more and more people migrating from other States and making Goa their home, it is imperative that they too understand more about the Goan psyche and its way of life. We thought that the best way to propagate this idea was through the teacher-trainees we coach. Our trainees would then serve as the torch bearers of Goan thought and culture wherever they were placed. The Objectives of Project Goa thus are:

  1. to inculcate a sense of rootedness among Goans
  2. to inculcate a sensitivity to and respect for everything that belongs to the culture of the State of Goa
  3. to see Goa in the Indian context, to visualize our role in strengthening the National fabric
  4.  to document by way of a ‘report’ their research, which will serve as a reference source for future teacher-trainees studying at the Nirmala Institute of Education

Some of the themes for Project Goa were

  1. Goa Day – Vision 2011
  2. Keep Goa Growing, Not Groaning
  3. Celebrate Goa – Recapture the Goan Spirit