( Affiliated to Goa University )

The Nirmala Institute of Education is launching the M.A Wellness Counselling Degree programme in July 2014. The M.A Wellness Counselling is a two year full time Programme.

This is a course with a difference ! Discover more about Wellness Counselling.

  1. Wellness may be defined as the ability to develop one’s potentials, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others, and be useful to one’s family and country.
  2. The Wellness Counselling programme is designed to help people acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for maximising their potential for successful academic progress, career development, and personal and social growth. Its purpose is to help people to come to know the strengths and abilities they possess, and to build on them.
  3. Counselling intervention aims at optimising a person’s normal functioning – personal and interpersonal – and at addressing dysfunctions only from a strengths-based perspective. It seeks to promote development across the lifespan while respecting the role of the environment in people’s lives. Its focus is less on remedial or therapeutic solutions and more on the identification and development of personal strengths. The objective is to help all persons to craft lives of wellness, health, and meaning.
  4. This program aims at training counselling professionals committed to the growth and development of the people with whom they will work. The trainees are exposed to a wide range of counselling theories and intervention techniques as they develop their clinical skills and their own understanding about wellness and what is meant by optimal functioning.

In brief: the basic objectives of this program  are :

  1. The optimal development and functioning of individuals, groups, and organizations; 
  2. Appreciation of the strengths and uniqueness of individuals;
  3. Belief in the unbounded potential of human beings; and 
  4. Respect for the integrity of all people.

Students are strongly encouraged to adopt approaches to client   interaction that take into account the various contexts in which clients live and function. They should also endeavour to acquire what Peter Drucker has called the essential qualities of successful leaders – integrity, humility, and generosity.

The program also stresses the critical roles of self-exploration and personal reflection as components of professional development. Professional development is inseparable from personal growth.

Eligibility for Admission:

To be eligible for admission to this programme leading to the award of M.A. Wellness Counselling Degree, the candidate must have passed the Bachelor’s / Post Graduate Degree Examination (in any discipline) of this University or equivalent examination of any other recognized University, securing a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent Grade.

Scope  for Employment :    The programme being a  job oriented one, successful  candidates  can  look forward to a successful career in the field of Education  and Industry in the  Human Resources Department.