Childline – 1098

Nodal Centre

Nirmala Education Society-CHILDLINE Nodal organization was started on 2nd April 2001.

  • In 2001, NES- Childline conducted an awareness programme of two and half days for staff and the students of Nirmala institute of Education, to orient and involve them in the area of social development and social work. This programme provided an opportunity for an interaction between the B.Ed students and the street children at the campus.
  •  A Resource organizations’ Meet was held in 2001, highlighted a need for a closer networking between CHILDLINE, Govt of Goa and NGOs.
  •  The Directory of Services for children and Women in Goa was complied, updated and published and released at the hands of Ms. Rina Ray. Secretary for Social Welfare and Finance.
  •  Three City Advisory Board (CAB) meetings were held in 2001, 2002 and 2005.
  •  Awareness on problems related to children and their rights has been conducted in School settings, Community, Shelters, PCO Owners and others like Anganwadi Workers. The awareness has been created through community outreach programme and phone testing/connectivity testing activity. During these awareness of programmes, stickers/posters have been put up at bus stops, railway stations and wherever outreaches have been conducted.  Pamphlets and leaflets are distributed to the heads of the Allied System to be displayed in their respective organizations.
  •  Street plays highlighting the exploitation of the domestic child labour and child labour in hotels were performed by the CHILDLINE-Goa team and volunteers at KTC Bus sand Panjim.
  •  In 2002, Ms. Philomena Serrao, the former Director of NES-CHILDLINE, was appointed as members of the Bal Mitra Committee formulated by the Goa government
  •  In 2003, a formal launch of “2003-Year of the Child” in Goa was held.
  •  Ms. Philomena Serrao the former Director of NES-CHILDLINE was appointed on the Juvenile Justice Board which decides on cases of children in conflict with law.
  •  Nes-Childline as apart of the forum for Justice in Baina has actively participated with other organizations in the forum to see that the sex workers and their families get justice.
  •  NES-CHILDLINE networked with other NGOs in the deliberation and formulation of the Goa Children’s Act 2003, a landmark in the history of the country as regards a comprehensive legislation for the protection against any for of abuse.  It was further involved in drawing up rules and procedures for the Act with reference to Licensing and Regulation of Institutes/Orphanages.
  •  We have been able to print the Childline Awareness material on the School calendars with the permission of the Education Department and Diocesan Society of Education.
  • Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) sessions and Childline awareness sessions are conducted in schools, sensitizing the children of what is good and bad touch and to protect them and other from abuse.
  •  It has been an encouraging experience to network with the BSNL Company. The BSNL co-operated with the NODAL Centre to print the Childline Logo on the BSNL Bills for 11 months during the year 2009-10.
  •  The nature of problems the children face and handled by NES-Childline are namely, Counseling and Guidance, Referral (School and Shelter/Boarding), Repatriation, Financial assistance, Release with/without bail. Each case is  followed as long as the child needs us. Hence each call is given priority and follow up is done till the child is secure.
  • Good network and close collaboration with Police Department through a circular from the  Superintendent of Police North helped to further extend assistance to Childline staff at all police stations. 
  • In 2011-12, City Advisory Board meeting was held after a long gap of six years, and 33 participants from various Government departments and NGOs attended the meeting. This facilitated the works of Childline work enhancing collaboration between Childline and the Women and Child Development Department.
  • During the year the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) provided a circular to Childline to put up Childline Hoardings at Mapusa, Panjim and Vasco for a month and also to stick Childline stickers on all KTC Buses and private buses to spread awareness about Childline 1098 emergency services.
  • Childline Nodal with the help of the Collabs, support organization and Centre for Responsible Tourism in collaboration with Nirmala Institute of Education conducted two days Community work in the coastal areas of the whole of Goa on 27th and 28th January 2012.
  •  In 2012, the Childline Annual Review meeting was conducted by the Nodal Organization for the first time in the life of Childline – Goa, during which all staff of collaborative and Support organizations of Childline in Goa met. It was a great success and refreshing time.  The outcome of the programme was “We feel ONE, and no more are we South and North. We are all one CHILDLINE Team”. There is a good spirit of Childline staff in Goa = As Friends working towards the same cause = Making Goa a Child Friendly State. 
  • 1n 2012, the Resource organization meeting was organized after a gap of 10 years, focusing on the need to strengthen  our collaboration with other NGOs directly involved with children (orphanages and boardings)
  •  For the past two years NES Childline has been commemorating Childline Se Dosti Week Campaign.   CHILDLINE Se DOSTI Week is a week-long Awareness Campaign mainly organized to make ordinary citizens Stakeholders in CHILDLINE 1098.  The ostensible purpose of this campaign is to generate a Million ‘Dosts” (friends) for CHILDLINE and acquaint people with Child Rights and Protection. It is organized with the objective to reach out to people of all walks of life to get to know CHILDLINE, begin to care about vulnerable children and initiate action towards change. Thus it is a step forward to achieve our vision of a ‘child-friendly’ nation. During the week we have had Rally in schools, drawing competitions for children, Children’s party, Childline Dosti corner, Signature campaign in schools and hospitals, children’s sports and Childline Awareness programmes at bus stands through skits and puppet shows.


Over the years we have been closely net-working with the Allied Systems. One of the very important programmes taken up by NES-Childline-Goa is the National Initiative for Child Protection (NICP) programme, which aims at building partnerships with the Allied Systems for Child Protection and the promotion of Child’s Rights. The CHILDLINE, formally launched the Campaign for child protection in Goa, through the National Initiative for Child Protection (NICP), of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment - Government of India. The campaign involves sensitizing personnel of various Allied Systems, which directly or indirectly affect children, their needs and rights. So far NES-CHILDLINE (Nodal), has conducted NICP training programmes for the Police, Teachers and Students, Anganwadi workers and Mukya Sewikas, Nurses, the paramedical staff of GMC-Hospital, Railway Protection force (RPF) and Staff of Asilo Hospital.  Apart from conducting the NICP programme we are also involved in networking both with government and NGOs, generating awareness about services of CHILDLINE-Goa, supervision and monitoring of CHILDLINE-Goa activities.


The Nodal organization of Childline-Goa has maintained good rapport with NGOs, the Police, BSNL, Health Department, Transport Dept, and other allied systems.