Nirmala Educator Year Award 2015.

Our Goals for the Next Five Years

  • To create a cadre of out-standing Teacher Trainees who can make their mark in the State/ National/ Global education network, by expanding the educational horizon through a wide range of exposure to other School Boards {CBSE, ICSE, etc.}(through formal classroom demonstrations, practice-teaching programmes, Internship, special projects and other activities)
  • To keep abreast with ever-changing technologies in the global scenario and incorporate them in order to improve the professional skills of our prospective teachers with special regard to ICT.
  • Faculty will post lectures and provide one-on-one consultation with trainees using Learner Management Systems.
  • To develop proper infra-structure for Art and Sports, thus inviting partnership with Art Teachers and Physical Education Trainers for the inclusion of Artwork on a professional basis and outdoor sports activities on a monthly basis.
  • To include soft skills, such as etiquette and Body language as a unit in every Methodology subject.
  • To provide all the new entrants with co-ordinated guidance around methodology subjects relevant to educational and career pathways.
  • To have a Placement Cell.
  • To introduce short-term courses on Theatre and Film for educational purposes.
  • To ensure accountability of every Faculty Member with regard to Action plans for professional development chalked out on a yearly basis.
  • To establish closer links between academia within the State and outside, for the development of relevant skills training and curriculum development in each respective Methodology of Teaching.
  • To establish a Research Cell for investigating educational concerns.