Report Of Workshops

Primary Teachers Learn The Fun Way!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”..... Albert Einstein

During the last academic year Primary teachers from all over the State participated in workshops that sparked their imagination at THE CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION at The Nirmala Institute of Education, Goa. This year’s calendar has 20 interesting workshops from Identifying  At Risk Children (Children With Possible Learning Difficulties And Special Needs) & How To Work With Them In An Inclusive Environment to Handling Common Behavioural Problems In The Classroom & Basic Counselling Skills For Teachers and Enhancing Learning In Large Classrooms Using Group Learning Strategies.

Early childhood education needs special and immediate attention. Children need to be equipped with learning skills that help them learn to think, learn to learn, solve problems, apply knowledge, compute and reflect. Without creative and skilled teachers this will remain a distant dream. THE CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION at The Nirmala Institute of Education, Goa (NIE-CEEE) aims to fill the knowledge and skill gap in early childhood education. NIE-CEEE provides the necessary training and intervention to upgrade the Pre-primary and Primary teacher’s skills in response to emerging needs.

While every program aims to impart a specific skill, be it teaching Mathematics in Primary classes or the Art of  Storytelling additionally every program at NIE-CEEE also aims to better equip the teacher through personal and professional development,  skills and capacity building, experience of creative methodology and developing resourcefulness.

The programs at the Centre are managed by a team of highly qualified and committed staff and external consultants under the guidance and direction of Dr. Rita Paes, Director and former principal of the Nirmala Institute of Education. The faculty includes visiting professors and scholars, national and international faculty and collaborations with renowned institutions.

Teaching Science Concepts Using Innovative Non-Verbal Techniques, 2 day workshop for Primary Teachers- 17/08/17 & 18/08/17. Call Nirmala Institute Of Education, Altinho Panjim on 2225633 immediately for full year’s schedule and registration. For the  years schedule  of  workshop, kindly  look  at the  college  website  or  send  an email to  send  the  years’  schedule  or call on  2225633


DR. RITA PAES                                                                                                                       Ms.  GAYATRI KONKAR

DIRECTOR                                                                                                                                       Co-Ordinator