Workshops & Seminars


Altinho, Panaji-Goa

The Headmaster/Headmistress,                                                                                                           July 13, 2017
Subject : [Workshops in 2017-18 for Primary/ Pre-Primary Teachers]

Dear Sir/Madam,
The enthusiastic participation and excellent feedback we received last year has encouraged us at NIE-CEEE to offer more workshops this academic year. These workshops are especially designed for teachers of Primary and Pre-Primary sections. We have very experienced facilitators who ensure that our workshops are not just practical and relevant but also fun and energetic!

Please do go through the schedule and details carefully and please do not forget to call the Office 2225633 to register your participation by 4th August 2017.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Rita Paes,



  • All the workshops are for two days duration from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm (registration from 9.30 to 10.00 am)
  • The venue for all the workshops is NIRMALA INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION, ALTINHO, PANJIM
  • An attractive Certificate from NIE-CEEE will be issued at the end of 2nd day upon successful completion of the two day workshop.
  • A nominal subsidized fee of Rs. 800/- is applicable for each workshop. This includes morning/evening tea and refreshments. A simple veg/non-veg lunch can be provided on request.
  • Please dress in comfortable clothes that allow for movement and activities.
  • More than one teacher from a school CAN register for the same workshop.
  • Pre-registration is compulsory. Maximum 25 participants per workshop on first-cum-first-served basis. Workshop will be cancelled if a minimum number of 10 teachers do not pre-register.



Altinho, Panaji-Goa

No. Workshop Title Date Target Teachers
1 Math in Primary Classes - Level 1* (Basic) 07/09/17 & 08/09/17 Math Teachers
2 English in Primary Classes - Level 1* (Basic) 14/09/17 & 15/09/17 English Teachers
3 Science/History/Geography (EVS) in Primary Classes - Level 1* (Basic) 21/09/17 & 22/09/17 EVS Teachers
4 English Reading Skills For Teachers 25/09/17 & 26/09/17 English Teachers
5 Innovative Methods Of Teaching Repeated Addition/Multiplication/Tables 10/08/17 & 11/08/17 Math Teachers
6 Teaching Science Concepts Using Innovative Non-Verbal Techniques 17/08/17 & 18/08/17 EVS Teachers
7 Internet Skills for Teachers – Researching Online Material For Teaching** 18/09/17 & 19/09/17 General. **We recommend doing 7/8 together if possible.
8 Presentation Skills For Teachers – Do’s & Don’ts Of Creating Effective Presentations, Using Appropriate Software Tools ** 12/10/17 & 13/10/17 General. **We recommend doing 7/8 together if possible.
9 Use Of Theatre Techniques In Actual Learning To Make Class Interesting And Engaging For Children & Aspects Of Personality Development Through Theatre Exercises. 23/11/17 & 24/11/17 All Language Teachers (English, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi)
10 Storytelling Skills 1/02/18 & 02/02/18 English Teachers/ Pre-primary Teachers
11 Creative Art Skills For Teachers 22/01/18 & 23/01/18 Art Teachers/General
12 Math In Primary Classes - Level 2* (Intermediate) 08/02/18 & 09/02/18 Math teachers who completed Level 1 in Feb 2017 / Sept 2017
13 English In Primary Classes - Level 2* (Intermediate) 15/02/18 & 16/02/18 English teachers who completed Level 1 in Feb 2017 / Sept 2017
14 Science/History/Geography (EVS) In Primary Classes - Level 2* (Intermediate) 22/02/18 & 23/02/18 EVS teachers who completed Level 1 in Feb 2017 / Sept 2017
15 Learning Styles In The Classroom & Age Appropriate Learning 11/09/17 & 12/09/17 General & Senior Co- ordinators
16 Understanding Learning Outcomes To Plan Learning Activities 05/02/18 & 06/02/18 General & Senior Co- ordinators
17 Enhancing Learning In Large Classrooms Using Group Learning Strategies. 19/02/18 & 20/02/18 General & Senior Co- ordinators
18 Handling Common Behavioural Problems In The Classroom & Basic Counselling Skills For Teachers 09/11/17 & 10/11/17 General & Senior Co- ordinators
19 Making Your Classroom A Welcoming And Inclusive Environment For All Students – Strategies For Creating Accepting & Bias-Free Classroom Environment 16/11/17 & 17/11/17 General & Senior co- ordinators
20 Identifying At Risk Children (Children With Possible Learning Difficulties And Special Needs) & How To Work With Them In An Inclusive Environment 05/12/17 to 08/12/17 General & Senior Co- ordinators. (Note: The gap in dates is planned.)


Pre-registration is compulsory. Call Nirmala Office 2225633 immediately for Pre-registration.

The workshops marked ‘General’ in Target Teachers column would be beneficial for any Primary/ Pre-primary teacher.

*These workshops will be done at 3 levels : 1- Basic, 2- Intermediate, 3-Advanced and we recommend that participants do all the levels for best results. Last year we offered 1-Basic , this year we offer 1&2 Basic and Intermediate, next year we shall offer all three.