Course Outline

Affiliated to the Goa University, the M.A. Wellness Counselling course follows one of the most unique and pragmatic approaches to academics. We ensure that our students are immersed in the learning process to the maximum degree, by way of either introspective interaction or practical engagement.

Open to all Streams / Backgrounds

Unlike most other postgraduate courses in psychology, where one needs a psychology background, we admit students from all streams. Our only prerequisite is a drive and a desire to learn. The course is designed so that the students from other backgrounds also have all the necessary knowledge before moving on to the practical training.

Course Structure

The course entails 6 teaching terms and 1 term of supervised internship. Each term comprises of 10 weeks and covers 5 papers, making for a total of 20 core papers and 10 electives. Each paper carries 3 credits and the course, thus, carries a total of 90 credits.

Class Interaction

Peer-learning at work

Wellness Counselling classes

Coming to the classes, this is where our most exciting work happens. A typical Wellness Counselling class is bustling with a lively exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Over the years, we have realized that too much of valuable intellectual content is lost when such exchanges are suppressed. Therefore, participation and awareness of own thought process is an absolute must in our classes.

It is during such interaction and peer learning ( that students learn to process their thoughts, generate ideas, re-evaluate opinions, and gain insight even.  And, it is a tremendously fulfilling experience to see this journey unfolding before our very own eyes.

The class duration is 1.5 hours, with 3 classes in a day. 

Modules Covered

The M.A. in Wellness Counselling is unique not only in its approach but also in its diverse and yet comprehensive course content (Link ).

In addition to the basic counselling papers like (Counselling theories, Counselling skills, Research, Ethics, Developmental Psychology etc.), we also cover several positive-psychology-based papers like Strengths-based Counselling, Personality in Positive Psychology, Motivation and Creativity and so on. To make sure the students are also introduced to the various niches, we have papers relating to school counselling, health psychology, Indian psychology, marriage counselling and many more.

The all-encompassing approach in this course is what makes it a perfect fit for students looking for a Counselling degree. An important part of these modules is also development of appropriate relevant attitudes. This essentially means, that while understanding theory, students are urged to introspect about how these theories apply, both to themselves and to their client cultural setting. And that’s not all! We also make sure we give our students the extracurricular exposure needed to polish their own life skills further.