The Bachelor of Education Course affiliated to the Goa University , is a Teacher preparation course that prepares teachers for  upper primary/ middle level classes (V – VIII), secondary level classes (IX-X) and higher secondary level classes (XI-XII)

The Diploma in Elementary Education prepares teachers to teach at the Elementary level (classes I-VII). It provides the trainees with a wide range of subject competencies and organisational skills.

We believe that every child is unique. Our task as teachers is to create a learning environment that is open, stimulating and supportive.

In a world marked by uncertainty and change young people are in search of security and stability. They encounter problems in their personal lives, their work situation and in interpersonal relationships. There is an urgent need for professional help in coping with these problems.

Wellness may be defined as the ability to develop one’s potentials, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others, and be useful to one’s family and country.