As part of the curriculum and under the aegis of the NIE Internal Quality Assurance Cell -IQAC; the Faculty of Art &  Aesthetics -Visual Arts Mr. Raymond Pereira conducted a session on 'CLAY MODELLING -TILE  MAKING SESSION"  from  4th-8th August  2023 for the F.Y. B.Ed. Trainees batch  2023-25. 

The objective of  the session was to introduce the young teacher aspirants to the finer nuances of  plastic art form-Sculpture. The session helped focus on  the different materials, tools and  understanding of the various aspects of a Form, its mass, volume, texture  while in the process of  art-making. 

The trainees planned and executed various tile designs in relief patterns, using modelling,  mould-it and air-drying clay.

Apart from this the trainees will also be taught to work on mould and cast form of sculpture with POP, wax, etc. Attaining these skill sets the trainees can commercially exploit and monetize on the crafts making fridge magnets, small curios and jewellery.