D.El.Ed. Science day Celebration

Date: 28th Feb 2024

The theme chosen for the science day was “ Indigenous  Technologies for Viksit Bharat”. The day began with the teacher trainees gracefully walking the ramp with their creative and colourful theme based attire relevant for the day. After a warm welcome the celebration commenced with invoking God’s abundant blessings. The audience was then enthralled by a spectacular simulation of a volcanic eruption. Dr.Rita Paes then addressed the gathering .

The science day group presented a small skit highlighting the innovative contributions of our ancestors and in turn the need for the present generation to work for a sustainable future. Then the science day group sang a song based on the theme. This was followed by the competition ‘ Magic with Science’, in which experiments were performed to highlight the scientific wonders in daily life  showcasing the enchanting intersection of science and magic.

An additional off stage event took place, that was the essay writing competition that centered around the theme of Science Day. As the results of the competitions were being prepared, spot prizes were awarded for correct answers. Subsequently, the results were announced, and a prize distribution ceremony was conducted to the participants who were dressed in accordance with the Science Day theme.