Workshops For Teachers

Title of the Workshop Date Day Resource Person
Wellbeing – quality of life and happiness
06/12/18 Thu Mrs. Sulaxa Gawas
Metacognition and Science Teaching
15/01/19 Tue Ms Pratiksha Shirodkar
Differential Instruction in Schools
18/01/19 Fri Mrs. Shylaja Sherief
Assessment Activities in Mathematics
23/01/19 Wed Mrs. Ximena Fonseca
Question Paper Setting / Preparation of Blueprint (Konkani)
24/01/19 Thu Mrs. Suvarna Gauns
New Trends in Teaching Art
28/01/19 Mon Mr. Raymond Pereira
Constructivism in Teaching-Learning of History
12/02/19 Tue Mrs. Sharmila Kerkar
Assessing & improving fundamental Motor Skills
15/02/19 Fri Mr. Clifton Fernandes
Leveraging Social Media to enhance overall performance of Educational Institutions (carry laptop, dongle & textbook of your subject)
26/02/19 Tue Mr. Subodh Haldankar