3rd October 2022

“We must keep ourselves clean and bright, we are windows through which a lot of people are going to see this world.”

The programme started with a short eye opening film titled *GENTLEMAN*

Teacher Trainees Ciana and AnaKarina  gave a presentation to create awareness and inspire us with the  'GANDHIAN THOUGHTS ABOUT CLEANLINESS'

The NIE-SWACHHATA ABHIYAN CELL logo was unveiled by Dr Rita Paes  which will be used in all future communications and activities of NIE-SAC. The logo was designed by Mr. Raymond Pereira – Coordinator of NIE- SAC.

Another short film titled TRASH COLLECTION' was screened highlighting the issues faced by the Safai Karnacharis.

The NIE ‘SAFAI KARMACHARIS’  MTS were felicitated by the director Dr. Rita Paes for keeping the campus and surrounding clean.  In here brief adress Dr.Paes  stressed on the need that each of us should be responsible for our surrounding to be clean.

“Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature” keeping this thought in mind a whole list of activity plan for the academic year was disclosed.

Teacher Trainee Jubby proposed the vote of thanks.

All present took the SWACHHTA PLEDGE and the ‘Swachhata Anthem’ was played.

The programme was hosted by trainee Virginia De Mello and corordinated by trainee Rachel Pereira, Anitadevi and Chelsea. The poster and invite were designed by trainee Joena and Sherainne.

The trainees were mentored by team NIE-SAC. Mr.Raymond Pereira, Mr. Subodh Haldankar and Ms. Shylaja Sherief.


The logo is based on the concept of Mobius loop, consisting of three chasing arrows in the shape of a triangle having round vertices. The symbol is a consummate representation of recycling, cleanliness goals, duty and obligation towards safeguarding nature. It represents how the circle of life works in helping everything come back around and in turn benefit the environment. The arrows stands for the three ‘R’s initiative to ‘REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE’. The broom signifies cleanliness and the seedling / sprout denotes hope for a greener environment. The three hues of green symbolizes -regeneration (bright green), hope (olive green) and tranquility (dark green). The brown of the sprout means – earthliness, the blue of the SAC represents reliability and the two lines denote stability. The NIE logo incorporated with the theme ‘Total Growth of the Human Person’ mentions -the banyan tree as a symbol of continual growth and development. It keeps spreading its shoots and prop roots in order to support the branches and does not stop growing until it dies. The Lotus symbolizes purity.

The logo was conceptualized and designed by Mr. Raymond Pereira – Coordinator of NIE- SAC.