15th April -is the birthday of the great Italian painter, sculptor, writer, thinker, philosopher, mathematician and scientific innovator Leonardo da Vinci which is celebrated as the World Art Day.
World Art Day aims to promote the values that art has brought to the world since the beginning of time.It raises public awareness about the importance of creative activity worldwide.This World Art Day is a timely reminder that  art can unite and connect us even in the most difficult of circumstances.
The theme for this year was 'Art is good for health". Art is known to help increase motivation, build self-esteem, and improve holistic health.

Art helps people to see the world from a different perspective and also Art can be medicine. 

The S.Y B.Ed the trainees displayed artworks done as part of the skills learnt during the execution of the VA project.
The Large Origami challenge Forms were displayed as part of the F.Y B.Ed Trainees task.
The program also highlighted a brief introduction to  Art Therapy. The director Dr.Rita Paes stressed upon the need to have art inclusive teaching learning as mentioned in the NEP 2020. The Faculty and students also took part in the impromptu Doodle art session.