D.El.Ed. Canteen Mela Extravaganza!

The Department of D.El.Ed. at Nirmala Institute of Education orchestrated a vibrant culinary celebration on 26th February, marked by the convergence of students from both batches into ten dynamic groups, each managing its own stall. This ‘Canteen Mela  Extravaganza’, unfolded as a kaleidoscope of colours and  flavors, featuring an eclectic assortment of dishes ranging from the classical chicken croquette, pizza sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, pani puri, corn chaat, mix chaat, fish cutlet pao, french fries to fruit sticks, chicken roll, gobi manchurian, cafreal chicken in poie, chocolate truffle balls, pan rolls and so on. Refreshing beverages like mojito and lime soda along with falooda were great favourite

As faculty, staff and students  embarked on a gastronomic journey, they were greeted by an ambiance pulsating with music and dance, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie across the campus. The event, aptly dubbed a "SUPER-DUPER" MELA, left an indelible mark on all who partook of it.

At the heart of this culinary spectacle was the remarkable teamwork and ingenuity displayed by the students. Each dish bore the imprint of their dedication and creativity, as they poured their passion into every aspect of the endeavor. The Canteen Mela was a testament to the students' collaborative spirit and culinary prowess, creating cherished memories .It was a celebration of diversity, both in food and in the bonds forged through shared experiences.