As part of the curriculum under the aegis of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell -IQAC, the Faculty of Art & Aesthetics -Visual Arts, Mr. Raymond Pereira conducted a session on ‘Immersive Art Experience’ for the F.Y. B.Ed. Trainees. The objective of the session was to inculcate in each of the young teacher aspirants the finer nuances of art. The session involved the participation of the group working and experiencing art in unison.

During the session the young aspirants were given a blank unit of paper, wherein each one expressed  themselves through drawing,poems, etc. The final artwork was done collating all the units / pieces  together to form a design. The design  attuned with the academic theme and showcased a rainbow  color pattern.

An immersive art experience pulls a viewer into another realm or imagined world, enabling them to  manipulate and interact with their environment. The Immersive experience used a blend of  visuals, music and sounds to deliver unforgettable and engaging  worlds. The immersive art experience also helps as a Spiritual guidance tool to establish a Sacred  Space and as an aid to meditation.

The session helped in focusing attention of the participants, giving a refreshing feel and releasing of creative energy.