As part of the curriculum and under the aegis of the NIE Internal Quality Assurance Cell -IQAC; the Faculty of Art & Aesthetics -Visual Arts Mr. Raymond Pereira conducted a session on PAPER CRAFTS SERIE -1'  from  21st - 25th August 2023  for  the F.Y. B.Ed. Trainees batch  2023-25. 

The objective of  the session was to introduce the young teacher aspirants to the various paper crafts, materials, tools that can help in the teaching-learning process.

The trainees planned and executed patterns forming various designs based on the elements and principles of design. 

The Paper Crafts series will include Kiragami, Paper Sculpting and Origami. Apart from that the trainees will be also taught to work with different materials and make their own handmade paper from used paper scraps, natural plant fibers,etc.