Mathematics: Invented or Discovered?

Mr. Franklin de Sa, Assistant Professor in Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College Mapusa, Goa delivered a Seminar on the topic “Mathematics: Invented or Discovered?” to the B.Ed. students of Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho on 29th February 2024. The speaker was introduced by Miss Deepti Muli.

Mr. Franklin covered different aspects of the mathematical world, which included Fractals, Mobius Strips, Fibonacci numbers, Golden Ratio and simultaneously intrigued the participants with the question if these were discovered concepts or invented. The students were enthralled by his every word. Mr. Franklin’s manner of presenting such topics portrayed his own passion and enthusiasm for the mathematical world. He also demonstrated how simple mathematical concepts can be used to explain and identify different shapes and figures in the real world. The students were interactive, at the edge of their seat with a continuous stream of inquisitive questions.

Their excitement only grew when Mr. Franklin proceeded to bring out teaching aids and perform a practical demonstration of the mobius strip, delving into the different dimensions of our existence as human beings and even going so far as to venture into the probability of a fourth dimension which our species hasn’t discovered yet. At the end, with the help of the audience he concluded that mathematics is both invented and discovered and that humans invent the concepts but discover the consequences.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Akshita Velip and Mr. Franklin de Sa was presented with a potted plant by Miss. Saishree Kotkar as a token of our appreciation.