Sensitization Programme on Cyber Safety by Cyber Wellness Centre

On 13th of October, a session on Cyber Safety was conducted by the Cyber Wellness Centre under the aegis of Nirmala Institute of Education. Ms. Nikita Goswami, Ms. Pooja Shinde and Ms. Tresilda Fernandes were the resource persons for the session. A potted plant was presented to each of the speakers as a sign of gratitude. The session shed light on the daily requirement of care that should be taken while using internet resources and social media platforms.

Ms Pooja Shinde enlightened the audience about cyber bro, an initiative by the Cyber Wellness Centre. She informed the audience about the four different types of services that are provided by the Cyber Wellness Centre i.e., psychological counselling, screening and treatment for internet dependency, technical support, and programmes in colleges to create awareness. She explained the different types of cyber crimes committed like fake account, hacking, stalking, photo morphing, online gambling, fake news, cyber terrorism, cyber bullying. She spoke about rules that must be followed while playing online games. She also stressed the need to avoid posting objectionable content.  A video was shown on how sextortion ruins the lives of many individuals. Exposure to porn and clickbait on such websites was also addressed. Ms Shinde also discussed the punishment issued for the various cyber crimes.

The session ended with a vote of thanks by Miss Blisscia.