A session held on Road Safety

On the 6th of October 2023, a session on 'Road Safety' was held for the First Year B.Ed. Teacher trainees at the NIE Hall, under the aegis of Internal Quality Assurance Cell  of Nirmala Institute of Education Altinho, Panaji, Goa. This session was conducted by two prominent speakers: Mr. Sudesh S. Narvekar, Deputy Superintendent of Police Traffic Headquarters, Panaji, and Mr. Tukaram R. Shet Mandrekar, Assistant Sub-Inspector from the Traffic Cell Office, Panaji. The objective of this session was to create an awareness among the trainees on road safety and traffic rules. The session began after a formal welcome by IQAC member Ms. Suvarna P. Gauns.


DySP Sudesh Narvekar commenced the talk with an informative presentation on the science behind accidents. He explained the concept of kinetic energy, emphasizing how force multiplies with increased speed. Using relatable analogies, he clarified the impact of accidents. Additionally, he presented alarming statistics on the annual road accidents in Goa.


To illustrate the gravity of accidents, Mr. Narvekar displayed pictures of real accident scenes, effectively conveying the consequences of unsafe road behavior.


Following Mr. Narvekar's presentation, ASI Tukaram Shet Mandrekar continued the discussion. His presentation included videos to raise awareness about traffic safety and to highlight instances of negligence leading to accidents. Mr. Shet Mandrekar stressed the importance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations for the safety of all road users.


He provided insights into the legal age requirements for vehicle operation, ensuring compliance with age-related restrictions and also presented statistics on road accidents in Goa, offering a detailed analysis of the data.


The active participation of teacher trainees during the talk was noteworthy. They engaged in discussions and posed questions, indicating their enthusiasm for learning about road safety. This session on road safety was coordinated by  Ms. Suvarna P. Gauns,  Associate Professor at NIE Goa.


Notably, F.Y.B.Ed. teacher trainees Ms.Ceriise Fernandes and Ms. Charlotte Pereira, who served as the comperes for the session, contributed to the smooth flow of the event and maintained the audience's engagement.


The session on road safety was very informative and impactful. The contributions of DySP Sudesh S. Narvekar and ASI Tukaram R. Shet Mandrekar ensured that teacher trainees gained a profound understanding of the importance of road safety. The use of real-life examples, statistics, and interactive elements made this session an effective educational experience, with the hope that the knowledge acquired will lead to safer road practices and a reduction in road accidents in Goa.