Teach for India

Mr. Keshav Nautiyal and Mr. Kanishk Chobisa conducted an engaging session on 23rd February 2024 with the students of the B.Ed. and D.Ed. departments. The session was organised by Miss. Ninoschka Pinto. The speakers were introduced by Miss. Amulya KB. The session was attended by a resounding 150 students. The speakers introduced the topic of the day by making the students acquainted with real facts of our country which most of us aren’t exposed to. In India, the literacy rate for people aged seven and above is 74.04%. The male literacy rate is 82.14% while the female literacy rate is 65.46%. The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for higher education in India is 26.30%. The dropout rates are enormous. Mr. Keshav proceeded to introduce Teach for India as an initiative to counteract the dismal state of our education system and explained how TFI works hand in hand with the departments of education and the government to provide stability and qualified educators where they are needed in the country.

Mr. Keshav’s presentation touched the hearts of many of our students who felt called to work in this field of social welfare. However, some students rightly had questions with regard to the safety and financial remuneration to a teacher in such an atmosphere. Mr. Kanishk assured the students that safety, particularly of the female teachers, was of paramount importance and the TFI organisation took this matter very seriously. Mr. Kanishk proceeded to explain the difference between charity work and working in the social work sector. Teachers were adequately compensated for their time and effort and could even make a decent living wage as a TFI fellow working in the social work sector.

The speakers elaborated on the number of centers of the TFI organisation across the country, and the positive impact already achieved. Mr. Kesahv introduced the students to some TFI fellows who had gone on to found companies of their own as well as win awards. Both speakers gave their personal testimonies of their time as fellows. The hardships and difficulties of choosing to work with the TFI organisation were not hidden. But the outcome and positive impact created made the two years with TFI worth it.

The Vote of thanks was given by Miss. Cassandra Rodrigues and the speakers were presented with a potted plant by Miss. Dwana Martins as a token of our appreciation.