Teachers’ Day Celebration 2022

The Nirmala Institute of Education celebrated Teachers' Day on Friday, the 9th of September, 2022.

It began at 2:15pm with the welcoming of all the teaching and the support staff. The staff were welcomed with a bookmark. The program began with a prayer service conducted by the students of the first year. During the prayer service, 20 of the staff members (included teachers, administrative and MTS) read out a truncated line each as part of the prayer service. As each truncated text was read, a diamond appeared on the digital backdrop such that; in the end a diamond shaped border was visible with the text then gently appearing which read, ‘Everyone’s’ a Diamond, Precious and Rare’. 

We then moved on to cut a cake to commemorate the occasion. This was followed by serving of snacks to the teachers and the students. It was a fun time with everyone dancing and making spontaneous decisions while playing the game: Bombarding Precious Stones. This was followed by the much-awaited stage performance. 

There was a grand pompous entrance by the students in their colourful attire bringing in the King. The skit was based in the King's court room wherein the King, HE King Ali Pedro Singh, fought the wild polar bears, crossed the big sea in the middle of the light, with no one to protect him and hunted down the biggest seals to get to his precious diamond, which went missing. To help him find the diamond, the king put all the teachers to the test by asking them to come to his court room. It ended by the king naming each one of us diamonds, precious and rare. It was a lovely performance. 

The game of Housie was twisted by requesting the staff members to write the names of any 10 teaching and non-teaching staff, other than their own names. Each time a name was called out, they had to strike-out that name. The staff member who managed the strike-out the first 8 names won the prize. The staff were later given a token (a coloured pebble with cute drawings on them). 

The decorations for the teachers’ day were crafted out of old magazines and newspaper. Serving was done on a banana leaf sand tissue paper. We worked around a zero budget plan.

Mentor: Dr. Russell Joaquim De Souza

Report written by: Ana Karina Diniz